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Image by Alexander Andrews


The Best Handcraft Work

Established in 2008


It is important that every component of the pew or bench be as strong and durable as the next. From the solid-wood pew end, the engineered wood construction of the pew body, the support system, and all the accessories required including fabrics, foam and stains, the components will be of the highest quality available in the industry. The result is always a beautiful and strong pew or bench which will last for decades.


American Pew and Bench offers nine standard pew end styles (six to-the-floor and three cantilevers), four pew body styles (fully upholstered, cushioned seat with wood back, cushioned seat, and back with wood back-of-the-back, and an all-wood seat). It also offers seven standard stain finishes. An extensive custom design program is available which allows the customer to design its own pew end within the parameters established by industry standards.


American Pew and Bench also offers a full line of chancel furniture, wood, and metal chairs, and theater seating for every occasion. Our Twenty-First Century technology allows American Pew and Bench to meet any manufacturing challenge the customer requires.


American Pew and Bench's approach to every project is to partner with its customer from the initial planning stage through the final installation and beyond. The Company’s commitment to its customers is to provide complete and total satisfaction. The customer will approve all specifications before any manufacturing proceeds.

Every configuration will be drawn to meet the required codes and serve as the footprint for the installation team. When VALUE is the most important criteria, then American Pew and Bench is the obvious choice to build the most beautiful and the highest quality furniture you want and deserve for your church or courtroom.



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